Natal Chart Reading

Natal Chart Reading

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Natal Chart Readings provide an in depth astrological analysis of the placement of each Planet in the sky at the precise moment of your Birth. The nature of a person's destiny, potential for wealth, talents, weaknesses, children, and insight into countless other areas of life can all be extracted from one's natal chart as it illustrates your energetic imprint in this lifetime. This video recorded reading goes over each planet, the sign it's in, and the area of the sky it occupies and what it all means cohesively.


This reading includes an astrological analysis for 3 questions of the clients choosing.


*Please allow a 4-6 weeks to receive your reading*


    Upon purchase, please email with your:


    Birth Date

    Birth Time

    Place of Birth (City & State)


    All of which can be found on your birth certificate. Don't forget to also list your three specific questions for additional analysis. 


    All sales are final. 


    This reading will be provided via email.