Child Astrology Reading

Child Astrology Reading

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This reading is designed to provide parents with knowledge of their children's energetic needs in order to understand how to best nurture their growth.



This astrological analysis addresses the child's personality planets; Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars. It also addresses the child's astrological house rulers and other placements that shed light on the child's homelife in correlation to their destiny.

Exclusively for Clients of African Descent:

As a Hoodoo practitioner, I like to extend the option to create a sacred space for the child’s benevolent Ancestors and invite them to be present for the duration of the reading. I make an offering of cool water, light, and a libation. Space is also made for the Ancestors to speak and advise on any additional messages concerning the child via Divination (binary/cowrie). This is completely optional, and the reading can be completed accurately without this additional offering.


*Please allow 4-6 weeks to receive your reading*


    Upon purchase, please email with your child's:


    Birth Date

    Birth Time

    Place of Birth (City & State)


    All of which can be found on their birth certificate.


    All sales final. 


    All Child Astrology Readings will be received via email.