Astrology Through A Hoodoo Lens

Astrology Through A Hoodoo Lens

I’ll be teaching the course “Astrology Through A Hoodoo Lens”. The course dates for 2022 are to be announced. This course will be centered around the study of the Natal Chart as well as the foundation of Hoodoo concepts and practices.


I’ve found that as a Hoodoo and Astrologer, astrology readings (for BLACK people) add another layer of color, depth, nuance, and context when we allow Hoodoo to permeate our interpretation of astrological concepts from the root of the chart analysis process. This Hoodoo dipped style of chart reading is what I will be teaching, along with Hoodoo as a spiritual practice and religion.


By the end of the course you will have a strong grasp on the parts of the natal chart and how they work together, the process of prescriptive natal chart reading, and a foundation to serve as a springboard for your Hoodoo practice.


Please Note:

This class has been curated exclusively for black people.

  • Platform & Registration

    To complete registration after purchase, please reach out to me at with your Facebook name. 


    Class will be held in a private Facebook group exclusively accessible to registered participants. Instruction will be held on Sundays at 8pm EST, and corresponding Q&A sessions will be held on Wednesday's at 7pm EST. Replays will be available for those who will not be able to attend live. Weekly assignments, original handouts, and suggested reading will also be provided.