I am Mariah of Sun In Twelfth.

I specialize in providing confirmation and guidance to those in need of spiritual direction. I produce various customized Astrology Chart Interpretations and performing Divinations (Bones and Cowries) tailored to the clients' needs and concerns. 

Many thanks to you for sharing in this space with me.

The Astrological Placement; Sun In Twelfth


The Sun in Astrology represents how you emanate into this world; it is who you are at your core and at your truest expression. The Sun also describes the natural influence you wield that allows the people and things around you to grow and take form. 

The 12th House in Astrology rules collective consciousness. It is the house of our collective Ancestral memories. It is the house that blurs the lines between the living and the dead, the present/past/future, as well as the individual and God. It is the house where ego dissolves, and all that is left is everything that has been, and the limitless potential of what could be; the physical, emotional, and spiritual history of the Earth. 

To know yourself is to love your lineage.

-Mariah W. of Sun in Twelfth


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